Not only are the singers delighted with their new Wenger Risers supplied by Black Cat Music to Umeå Universitet, Sweden,but thanks to the elevation and space to spread out, the received performance sounds better too.

Liv Meidell told Black Cat Music, “We are very content with our new risers and the nice distance we achieved when spreading out means the sound is now even better!”

Black Cat Music can supply a range of 3- or 4-step Wenger choral risers that fold and roll easily for transporting and all come with a full 5-year warranty. Wenger Signature risers with their classic black styling are safe to use, simple to setup, lightweight for ease of handling, stable and strong, are quiet in a performance and include an integrated back-rail with safety crossbar. Riser arrangements can be reconfigured, quickly and securely. Optional side-rails can be attached without the need for tools. And when the show is over they are easy to move to the next venue or to storage.

For touring Wenger Tourmaster choral risers are exceptionally portable and robust. No other risers fold, roll, set up or travel so smoothly. The Tourmaster sets up in seconds and is easy to take up stairs, around tight corners, across the parking lot, and into a bus or a van.