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Conductors Equipment

Our Wenger conductor's stand, conductor's podium and conductor's chair are all built with heavy-duty construction and unwavering stability.

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  1. Maestro Conductor's Chair

    Maestro Conductor's Chair

    Product code: MAESTRO

    The Maestro Conductor's Chair is an elevated chair for you to adjust according to your own requirements, giving the conductor more control and better visibility for the orchestra.

    Price: £975.00 + VAT

  2. Folding Podium

    Folding Podium

    Product code: 021L022

    Smart, durable, folding design offers excellent stability and easy-to-use portability with a built-in handle for frequent use.

    Price: £475.19 + VAT

  3. Standard Piano Dolly

    Standard Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106101

    The safest way to move pianos around quickly and easily.

    Price: £246.12 + VAT

  4. Heavy Duty Piano Dolly

    Heavy Duty Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106102

    The recommended way to move pianos from room to room without causing damage.

    Price: £501.97 + VAT

  5. Digital Piano Dolly

    Digital Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106301

    Heavy duty movers shaped to fit any digital 'upright' piano.

    Price: £501.97 + VAT

  6. Spinet Piano Truck

    Spinet Piano Truck

    Product code: 1106204

    Designed to give complete protection and support to the piano legs, without strain, as the piano is rolled about

    Price: £946.93 + VAT

  7. Grand Piano Truck 1

    Grand Piano Truck 1

    Product code: 1106201

    Move your grand piano safely without causing damage to the piano legs or to the people moving it.

    Price: £971.96 + VAT

  8. Grand Piano Truck 2

    Grand Piano Truck 2

    Product code: 1106202

    The only way to move grand pianos is to use a specially designed truck which will avoid causing damage to your piano.

    Price: £1,017.85 + VAT

  9. Digital Piano Castors

    Digital Piano Castors

    Product code: DPC01

    Heavy Duty Piano Casters which are designed to fit a wide range of digital 'upright' pianos.

    Price: £197.35 + VAT

  10. Conductor's Base Podium

    Conductor's Base Podium

    Product code: 158E002

    Ideal for the rehearsal room and the auditorium.

    Price: £692.47 + VAT

  11. Conductor's Upper Podium with Rail

    Conductor's Upper Podium with Rail

    Product code: 158E001

    The upper podium with rail locks securely onto the base podium. The upper podium with rail can also be used independently of the base podium. Includes detachable safety rail.

    Price: £778.38 + VAT

  12. Conductor's/String Bassist/Percussionist Chair

    Conductor's/String Bassist/Percussionist Chair

    Product code: 157D091

    With its adjustable backrest, 5-leg design and elevated position, the String Bassist/Percussionist Chair improves posture and keeps musicians fresh and free from fatigue.

    Price: £962.60 + VAT

  13. Ensemble Stool - wood seat

    Ensemble Stool - wood seat

    Product code: 104B001

    The Wenger adjustable ensemble stool features telescoping legs, a black-enamel frame and three choices of seats. This model is the Standard model with wood seat. It's handy, convenient, and always in demand all over your facility.

    Price: £251.68 + VAT

  14. Flex Conductor's Stand

    Flex Conductor's Stand

    Product code: 236A002

    The Flex Conductor's Stand is large enough to accommodate orchestral scores and is easily adjustable in height, angle and position - supremely versatile and ergonomically designed.

    Price: £837.08 + VAT

  15. Preface Conductor's Stand

    Preface Conductor's Stand

    Product code: 238A001

    This elegant conductor's stand features an ample desk, a sleek, non-scratch black surface, and dual posts offering superb stability and strength. A well-designed and durable conductor's stand at an affordable price.

    Price: £246.58 + VAT

  16. Extendable Conductor's Stand

    Extendable Conductor's Stand

    Product code: 12342
    K and M

    Extendable Conductor's Stand.

    Price: £297.67 + VAT

  17. Director's Music Stand

    Director's Music Stand

    Product code: 141B001

    Well-built classic styling for leading the group. High-quality multi-purpose music stands that are lightweight, ideal for any venue and great for travelling.

    Price: £563.15 + VAT

  18. Conductor's Double Podium with Back Rail

    Conductor's Double Podium with Back Rail

    Product code: 1110302

    This sturdy and extremely mobile Conductor's Podium with detachable safety rail can be moved with ease from the rehearsal room to the stage.

    Price: £1,384.43 + VAT

  19. Encore Adjustable Stool

    Encore Adjustable Stool

    Product code: MCENAS
    Black Cat Music

    Another great addition to the best-selling Encore range of music posture chairs and stools, only from Black Cat Music.

    Price: £180.01 + VAT

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