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The Black Cat Music team is counting down the days to the Independent Schools’ Bursars
Association Annual Conference at Celtic Manor, 13th and 14th May. The Black Cat Music summer 
roadshow will then head to the MMA Conference at Wellington College, Berkshire, May 15th to 
17th. At both events the new AcoustiCabins Express sound is...
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Acoustics for Dummies was the title given to one of the conference sessions at Music Education Expo 2015 earlier this year in London.

In a presentation given by Mark Rasmussen from the Black Cat Music marketing team, four common problems of noise in schools were identified and the issues explained and solutions put into simple ...
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The recently launched AcoustiCabin Express sound isolation rooms are proving ideal for recording purposes in a Stockholm office.

Gustaf Hård af Segerstad in Stockholm told us that they had installed an AcoustiCabin in the office which is proving ideal for educational recordings.

The AcoustiCabin Express sound-isolation cabin i...
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Back after a successful debut last year, The River Centre in Tonbridge welcomed the return of the Junior Schools Choir Competition. Staged by Tonbridge Lions Club and sponsored by Tonbridge based Black Cat Music’s AcoustiCabin division, the competition featured seven local choirs numbering two hundred and sixty five children sin...
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It seems that Black Cat Music’s customers just love our music folders, especially when gold-blocked with the name and crest of their choir, band or orchestra. So much so that many write to tell us how delighted they are when they open the parcel and see their new folders for the first time.

· Jim Jefferson of Barrow Steelworks B...
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Platinum sponsoring companies Black Cat Music and MusicPracticeRooms.com were kept busy in the Music Education Expo exhibition hall.

Music Education Expo is the UK’s largest conference and exhibition for music teachers. The event took place at The Barbican, London on 12th an 13th March 2015.

The Black Cat Music exhibition sta...
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Richard Morris was named as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Awards sponsored jointly by Black Cat Music and MusicPracticeRooms.com at a gala ceremony in London during the Music Education Expo event last week.

Consultant and Chairman of the Yehudi Menuhin School, Richard Morris is also the co-founder and acting Chairman of...
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If you were thinking of buying a set of music folders for your musicians or choir, then February is the time to take action. Black Cat Music are offering up to 30% off selected folders and 10 per cent discount on all the rest. But hurry - offers like this can’t last forever. You have until the end of February!

Imagine the visual ...
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Black Cat Music recently installed a Diva Acoustical Shell system in Moscow’s Nazarov Musical Theatre.

In a competitive tender, Black Cat Music’s Berlin based team won the contract in the face of tough international competition. Originally built for the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980, the Nazarov Musical Theatre has recently under...
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Black Cat Acoustics will be demonstrating their new AcoustiCabins Express Sound Isolation booth at Music Education Expo 2015.

In a “10 minute Challenge” a two-man team will build the new sound cabin from ‘flat-pack’ components during the Black Cat Music acoustics seminar as the clock counts down from ten minutes to zero. Demonst...
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