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If you were thinking of buying a set of music folders for your musicians or choir, then February is the time to take action. Black Cat Music are offering up to 30% off selected folders and 10 per cent discount on all the rest. But hurry - offers like this can’t last forever. You have until the end of February!

Imagine the visual ...
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Black Cat Music recently installed a Diva Acoustical Shell system in Moscow’s Nazarov Musical Theatre.

In a competitive tender, Black Cat Music’s Berlin based team won the contract in the face of tough international competition. Originally built for the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980, the Nazarov Musical Theatre has recently under...
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Black Cat Acoustics will be demonstrating their new AcoustiCabins Express Sound Isolation booth at Music Education Expo 2015.

In a “10 minute Challenge” a two-man team will build the new sound cabin from ‘flat-pack’ components during the Black Cat Music acoustics seminar as the clock counts down from ten minutes to zero. Demonst...
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During January, Black Cat Music is offering 10 per cent discount on their best selling Classic 50 music stands in a special ‘New Year promotion. Quantity discount breaks allow purchase prices as low as £37.12 when purchased in quantities of 50 or more. Schools and colleges looking to equip with new music stands designed for robu...
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It is the last Inspirational Monday before Christmas and we couldn't find anything more appropriate.

It's Kate Davis with Scott Bradlee, our new favourites, covering Elvis Presley's Blue Christmas.

We particularly enjoyed the drummer who is intent, not only on not missing a beat but also keeping his eye on the camera.

Keep your eye...

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You probably didn't know that there was such a thing as a British Association of Barbershop Singers.

Well there is, and we now because they are our customer.

You would also be forgiven for not knowing that there are annual competitions, well there are.

And here are IC Quartet, the winners from 2012.

We use this spot on our blog on F...

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New and available from Black Cat Music, are Wenger Corporation’s range of Transform Motorised Acoustical Banners.

Offering the benefits of variable acoustics for performing arts spaces such as theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, churches and sports arena, Transform Motorised Acoustical Banners can quickly be set to improve the...
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This appears to be a new trend that we are very much in favour of, giving new songs some classical treatment.

We admit that we are largely classicists and it isn't until this song was given a swing By Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox featuring Kate Davis that it came to our attention at all.

And then we released how brilliant ...

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OK, so we understand that even those with the most positive of outlooks would struggle to describe today as beautiful.

But, when you see young people having this much fun it almost doesn't matter how dreary the weather is, this warms the cockles.

Another reminder of why we love working in, and supporting, music education and music...

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With music events for the Christmas season in full swing, many choirs and music ensembles throughout the country are performing with their smart new music folders from Black Cat Music.

Jemma van der Byl, Director of Music at St Lawrence College in Ramsgate told Black Cat, “Folders all received on time for our rehearsal and Carol...
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