Music Workstations

Music Workstations

Our Music Workstations from Wenger are designed to accommodate your keyboard, computer, sheet music and speakers on one tidy workstation - no more stacked quipment and tangled cables or cords.

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  • Music Lab Workstation

    Music Lab Workstation
    Price £1,581.42 + VAT

    Streamlined, mobile and highly functional, it puts everything within comfortable reach. Perfect for classes that use 61-key music keyboards. Music Lab Workstations eliminate the disruption caused by stacked equipment and tangled cables by putting everything within comfortable reach, without hindering sightlines.

  • Music Lab Workstation Expanded

    Music Lab Workstation Expanded
    Price £2,148.74 + VAT

    The new mobile Expanded Music Lab Workstation features a wider desk surface to accommodate 88-key music keyboards. It also offers additional space for rack-mount components.

  • Class Piano Workstation

    Class Piano Workstation
    Price £1,131.87 + VAT

    Turns a digital piano into a mobile workstation keeping all components within easy reach without crowding the piano. Can be used with most stand-alone 76 and 88 key digital pianos.

  • Speaker Shelves

    Speaker Shelves
    Price £228.04 + VAT

    Speaker Shelves mount externally on the Stereo Workstation and fold down when not in use.

  • Standard Percussion Workstation

    Standard Percussion Workstation
    Price £2,306.84 + VAT

    Store and transport all your small percussion instruments with ease in this durable and portable product.

  • Deluxe Percussion Workstation

    Deluxe Percussion Workstation
    Price £2,500.12 + VAT

    Deluxe version of the Standard Percussion Workstation which Includes added extras to to keep your instruments even more organised.

  • Cymbal Cradle

    Cymbal Cradle
    Price £193.28 + VAT

    Holds cymbals up to 56cm and clamps onto a sturdy mounting rail.

  • Suspended Cymbal Holder

    Suspended Cymbal Holder
    Price £243.34 + VAT

    Clamps onto a sturdy mounting rail and has adjustable height and angle.

8 Items