Conductors Stands

Conductors Stands

Our Wenger conductor's stand, conductor's podium and conductor's chair are all built with heavy-duty construction and unwavering stability.

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  • Maestro Conductor's Chair

    Maestro Conductor's Chair
    Price £975.00 + VAT

    The Maestro Conductor's Chairs are elevated music chairs that you can adjust according to your own requirements, giving the conductor more control and better visibility for the orchestra.

  • Preface Conductor's Stand

    Preface Conductor's Stand
    Price £246.58 + VAT
    This elegant conductor's stand features an ample desk, a sleek, non-scratch black surface, and dual posts offering superb stability and strength. A well-designed and durable conductor's stand at an affordable price.

  • Flex Conductor's Stand

    Flex Conductor's Stand
    Price £837.08 + VAT

    The Flex Conductor's Stand is large enough to accommodate orchestral scores and is easily adjustable in height, angle and position - supremely versatile and ergonomically designed.

  • Director's Music Stand

    Director's Music Stand
    Price £563.15 + VAT

    Well-built classic styling for leading the group. High-quality multi-purpose music stands that are lightweight, ideal for any venue and great for travelling.

  • Extendable Conductor's Stand

    Extendable Conductor's Stand
    Price £297.67 + VAT

    Extendable Conductor's Stand.

  • Conductor's/String Bassist/Percussionist Chair

    Conductor's/String Bassist/Percussionist Chair
    Price £962.60 + VAT

    With its adjustable backrest, 5-leg design and elevated position, the String Bassist/Percussionist Chair improves posture and keeps musicians fresh and free from fatigue.

6 Items