It’s amazing how good quality equipment helps induce a professional pride in their music. Recently Black Cat Music made the short journey to Tonbridge Grammar School in Kent for a behind the scenes look at how the school stores and cares for the instruments and music equipment that has been built up in recent years.  

With Simon Hayward, Head of Music at Tonbridge Grammar School, Black Cat Music’s guide for the visit, we have produced a video of the tour of the music facilities. Students at the school take music up to Key Stage 3, then can go on to take GCSE in music. Senior students can go further and take a baccalaureate. Teaching music at the school for the last 11 years, Simon Hayward shows how the investment in music storage equipment not only keeps instruments safe and protected from damage, but allows equipment to always be on hand when it is time to practise. What’s more everything is kept tidy, so no clutter to trip over at the start and finish of lessons, or risk of damage to delicate instruments. Simon is impressed by the quality of the equipment and is confident that the robust and lockable storage racks will go on and on for many years.

 When it comes to Wenger music stands, which he explains are virtually unbreakable, we see members of the choir in a slick, well practised maneouvre, collapse the stands, load them on to a move and store cart and wheel them away for the next group to use. Tonbridge Grammar School has a good tradition in choral singing. Examples from the Motet Choir’s repertoire accompany the video narration. Over the years a big library of choral music has been built up and now benefits from its own storage and indexing facilities. Naturally members of the choir have their own Choral Folders. It all adds up to acting and looking professional as well as looking and sounding good in performance.