New and available from Black Cat Music, are Wenger Corporation’s range of Transform Motorised Acoustical Banners.

Offering the benefits of variable acoustics for performing arts spaces such as theatres, concert halls, auditoriums, churches and sports arena, Transform Motorised Acoustical Banners can quickly be set to improve the acoustic environment and enhance the listening experience of the audience.

The addition of Transform Motorized Acoustical Banners to the performance space allows the control of levels of sound absorption and reflection to be adjusted within a matter of seconds. Each banner, which deploys quickly and quietly, includes adjustable spacing options, both for distance away from the wall and between the two fabric layers. Control can be integrated with various proprietary intelligent control systems.

Test results demonstrate a significant reduction in reverberation time over a wide range of high and low frequencies. By setting the spacing separation gap between fabric layers and distance from the wall, the degree of absorption can be controlled. Banners come retracted within laminated wood enclosures supplied with wall fixing brackets and can be deployed within seconds when called for. There are options on choice of banner materials for performance criteria and optionally banners can be digitally printed for aesthetic reasons if required.

Delivered fully assembled and tested, Transform Motorised Acoustical Banners carry a 3-year warranty.