During the recent Easter break, Black Cat Music successfully installed a number of Instrument Storage products at Tonbridge Grammar School. It seems the school is delighted with the result, tweeting ‘Lovely new instrument storage units from @blackcatmusic finally in over Easter.”

Musical instruments vary considerably in size, but Black Cat Music has a comprehensive range of standard product solutions, or alternatively can provide custom built storage to suit the available space and needs.

Instruments require storage facilities that offer protection against damage and loss. Some instruments are frail, demanding suitable storage that protects against physical damage. As with any expensive asset it also makes sense to provide safe and secure storage to guard against accidental damage, vandalism and theft.

Other factors to keep in mind are space, ease of access and keeping a consistent temperature all year round. Storage can take up a great deal of floor space and Black Cat Music can provide guidance in using available space sensibly without causing congestion at busy times.   At class change times, where many students are storing or retrieving instruments, careful consideration of planning layouts so everyone have access without getting in each others’ way and damaging the instruments will help things go smoothly. It is important to avoid areas of high temperature and humidity, which can be detrimental to some instruments and a cause of problems such as cracking, loosening of joints and corrosion.