Thanks to a purchase of 24 Encore Chairs from Black Cat Music, a German church choir and musicians are now sitting upright in an ergonomically comfortable position for good posture.

Standard chairs let the musician slouch, allowing the spine to be forced out of its natural supportive position. This lowers the rib cage and constricts the diaphragm, reducing airflow. Wenger Music Posture Chair design redefined what a music chair should be by providing the seated musician with the same strong, natural posture as if they were standing.

The Encore chair from Black Cat Music is a well-researched and developed chair offering comfort and support to the musician. With its curved 'waterfall' edge and slender back, musicians sustain a more upright and poised position. Speaking from Sankt Jakobus Kirche in the small Thuringian town of Ilmenau Frau Gröpler told us, “The Encore chairs have arrived! They have already been tested by our trombone section and they think they are great. We are pleased that everything has worked so well. The chairs are perfect for our musicians - the narrow backrest is especially good for the string players. The stackability of the chairs is also very important for us.”