Want to experience how your music sounds in different venues? Then tune in to Wenger’s VAE technology in a SoundLok® Sound-Isolation Practice Room.

VAE technology now offers more realistic acoustical simulations, creating the sensation of being enveloped by the sound and enabling musicians to hear themselves in various performance venues. With the option of selecting from up to

nine different performance environments, ranging from a small recital hall to a cathedral, students can quickly learn how to adapt to performing in larger spaces. The smart Virtual Acoustical Environment (VAE) technology can duplicate the acoustics of a broad range of performance venues. Features such as 
immediate ‘Record and Playback’ offers feedback during the practice session, or to record the session to take to the next lesson for review with the music teacher.
Upload’ and ‘Download’ simulates practice with a band or choir in the practice room simply by uploading accompaniments.

It all adds up to a major aid to performance preparation and rehearsal, while changing from one preset acoustic environment to another is as quick and easy as pressing a button.