We’ve had a very busy few months at MusicPracticeRooms.com – so busy in fact that we haven’t had a chance to share our latest installation photos with you! Here are a couple of pictures from some of our recent installs. We’re proud of the results. In addition to the University of West London and Farnham College rooms pictured below, we have successfully completed installations at the following companies and institutions:

Goldsmiths University – a suite of Music Practice Rooms in addition to a diverse acoustic treatments in the music department.

Eton College – a dedicated sound-isolation room for bagpipe practice.

WCM, Essex – an isolation booth for testing industrial components for installation in luxury cars.

Spirophoto Photography Studio – we installed a sound-isolating Music Practice Room in the studio to enable the professional photographer to use the studio as a multi-purpose space.

Surrey University – a suite of isolation booths for the psychology department to run psychometric testing.

Surrey Arts – a Music Practice Room for use by arts and music organisations across Surrey.