New to the Black Cat Music catalogue for 2016 is the Adjustable Orchestra Chair.

With seat and back upholstered in a business-like black fire resistant fabric and with co-ordinated matching black base, the new adjustable chair certainly looks professional. Adjustments can be made to basic parameters to suit individual musician’s personal requirements. Each leg can be individually adjusted in height and further adjustments allow the tilt of the seat and back to be fine tuned too, as well as vertically setting the preferred back height. Up to five chairs can be stacked for compact storage and there is even an under-seat music storage rack!

Speaking at the product’s launch, Managing Director, Alice Dagger said, “ Thanks to the very affordable price for our new   Adjustable Orchestra Chair, orchestra managers and music departments can now consider equipping the whole orchestra, whereas up until now often funds would only stretch to having a few such chairs.” Alice continued, “ Adjustment is very important to allow musicians to set the chair for personal comfort and good posture is an essential contributor to good health.” “We believe this new chair will be well received by orchestra managers and music departments alike.”