Black Cat Music has recently introduced a new Virtual Acoustic Environment (VAE) Studio System that now permits easy and affordable installation of proven VAE technology into music studios and practice rooms.

Virtual Acoustic Environment practice rooms were developed by Wenger Corporation as the next generation of teaching and practice tools for music education and feature record/playback capabilities and simulation of nine virtual acoustical environments. The new VAE Studio System incorporates the same feature-rich specification that now allows easy and affordable installation into private teaching studios or existing built-in practice rooms to create an integrated learning and assessment environment for music education.

VAE features a built-in recording and listening environment, active acoustics for “virtual reality” simulations and guaranteed sound isolation. There are nine choices of ‘performance spaces’, ranging from practice to arena. With the integrated digital record/playback capability, teachers can evaluate an individual student’s instrumental or vocal performance. The VAE records up to nine sessions with a 60-minute total recording time. Audio transfer of audition or competition recordings is possible through the built-in USB connection in standard stereo .wav format (44.1 kHz, 16-bit). Accompaniment music may also be transferred to the VAE via the USB connection. By selecting from the nine active-acoustic settings, musicians can learn how to optimise their performance in different environments. Benefits include accelerated development of critical listening skills; improved articulation, dynamics and timing; and a more enjoyable practice session. When practice is fun, students will practice longer. VAE settings include Baroque room, recital halls, auditoria, cathedral and arena.