“Having retired, I still like to do something in my own area. We have two choirs in our Music Centre - a children's choir and an adult choir, together with numerous bands and orchestras,” said Philip King. The former Head of South Derbyshire Music Service was taking time out from a busy schedule at the Music Centre in South Derbyshire to talk about staging for choirs and in particular Wenger Tourmaster Risers supplied by Black Cat Music. “Singing is a visual thing as well. It may sound nice, but if you can't see people its not so good”, he said.

Now Conductor of the Cantabile Choir, Philip King reflected on the decision to invest in Tourmaster Risers dating back nearly twenty years to a time when as he explained, ”the boxes we were using for staging were difficult to carry around and also they were a bit cumbersome. They just didn't work very well. If parents, in particular come to a concert, they want to see their children performing.” Careful study of the Black Cat catalogue in due course led to the decision to make the investment in Tourmaster Risers.

Talking about the ownership experience of Tourmaster, Philip commented, “storage is minimal really, they fold down easily and we can store them upright. For moving them around we just use a van, its very easy, they are on wheels and so quick to put up it’s unbelievable. The way they have been designed is just great for us, so we use them in many different venues.We can't fault the Tourmaster Risers at all. It is coming up for twenty years now and I am sure they are fit for another twenty. We use them very regularly and there are no faults at all with them. Philip concluded, “Black Cat Music should feel very proud of this product, because we certainly feel that as customers we get a good deal from it.”

The full interview with Philip King and the Tourmaster Risers being used in concert can be viewed on the Black Cat Music video chanel and on YouTube.