Does your school, music group, band or choir own customised gold blocked music folders with your logo or crest on the cover? The chances are we have your die on file at Black Cat Music. And if you want some more and wondered where they came from or who ordered them, then why not give us a call.

Marketing Manager, Alice Dagger asks, 'Did you know that we keep a library of customers' printing dies?' The gold-blocking team at Black Cat Music takes great pride and care in fulfilling printing orders for customers who opt to have their choral or orchestral folders gold-blocked. Every time that we create a printing die with a customer's school crest or logo, we keep that die stored away carefully for the customer's future use. Since we began gold-blocking folders over 20 years ago, we have built up an impressive store of printing dies. We are conscious that school teaching staff and company employees can change over the years, and we think that there are customers out there who may not be aware that we have their die in stock. Give us a call - we can create beautiful gold-blocked folders with school crests or company logos quickly and inexpensively - and they will look beautiful for years to come.'

Just to make ordering simpler we have recently introduced a new online ordering option. To use the new system simply click on the “Require gold-blocking” check box on the product page and complete the form that opens up.

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