The Tempo chair is ergonomically designed to provide musicians with a comfortable seated position, even during long performances and rehearsals. It can also be adapted in height and angle to suit every musician’s individual requirements.

The result of much research and study, the Tempo chair benefits from a number of built in adjustments allowing each musician to set up the chair to suit their own preferences for height, tilt and back support. Seat height can be set with front and back pairs of legs independently adjusted quickly and quietly without even needing to put the musical instrument down. Mid back lumbar support helps with good posture ensuring maximum opening of the airways, which is a particular advantage for wind players. A slight curve in back support offers comfort in a range of straight and rotated positions. The upholstered seat is cleverly designed with a ‘waterfall’ front section that prevents restriction of the blood supply to the lower legs that can otherwise be a cause of discomfort.

As might be expected for a Black Cat product, manufacturing quality is high with a strong, durable tubular steel frame with black powder coat, scratch resistant finish. And when it comes to putting the chairs away they are designed to be stacked six high and can be transported on a move and store cart. A video showing the Tempo chair being put through its paces can be viewed on the Black Cat Music YouTube channel.