When cable storage looks like an out of control mass of spaghetti, then it is probably time to turn to Wenger Fixed Media Storage Cabinets, available from Black Cat Music.

Wenger Corporation has produced a video to show how an unruly space used to store lighting, sound, video equipment along with cables, connectors, stands and all the other accessories essential to the technical side of school theatrical and musical productions, can be tamed. Recognising that expensive equipment needs to be looked after to prevent damage and organised so that the right components can be quickly located, Wenger came up with a smart solution designed to bring organisation, protection and secure storage to the increasing inventory of media and AV equipment being used in schools.

It is not just the main assets but the all important adaptors, interconnecting cables and anciliary devices that are part of the package; frustrating and wasteful on teaching time if just one item is missing. Something that can easily happen without a well thought out storage solution for diverse equipment put away between the classes for which it is required.

Wenger’s fixed cabinets can help transform a chaotic storage area into one to be proud of. Perfect for storage rooms or in-classroom lockable storage, they come in three types -Standard, Rackmount and Organizer. Each allows a high degree of customisation through choosing which shelves, drawers and other accessories suits the requirement.

The system offers considerable flexibility with different sizes available, mix and match interior with adjustable components, shelves, slide out shelves, file drawer, 4" drawer. Rackmount sections available for easy access to electronic components with an organiser option available for fixed storage. 
Later, should things change, other components can be ordered to reconfigure existing cabinets.

Thanks to full-length wood doors, secured with metal lockable latch the storage units offer secure storage too. Durability comes courtesy of the their made-to-last bolt through construction on hinges and doors, polyester laminate and tested tested to withstand institutional use.