Commenting on the MMA Conference at St George’s College, Weybridge, which ended Sunday [May 18th ] Robert Dagger, Chairman of Black Cat Music summed up the event. "We were pleased that our products continue to be popular with music teachers - and deservedly so. No music stand for instance matches the Wenger Classic 50 for quality, durability and ease-of-use. Our choral folders continue to be hugely popular. Our sound-isolating music practice rooms and our Wenger staging and instrument cabinets help a music department to organise the space and the time they have available, so they can concentrate on teaching and making great music."

Sales Executive, Myke Millward added, "It was great to meet and chat to music teachers from across the UK. St. George's College Weybridge was a beautiful venue, and we loved the Douglas Fox Concert performed by students on the Friday evening. The standard of playing was incredible."

Discount Voucher offering savings when next buying products from the Black Cat Music range, plus free Conductor’s Batons proved popular with MMA visitors.

And a final word from Alice Dagger, Marketing Manager, "I particularly enjoyed this year's conference. It's always a pleasure to catch up with members of the MMA. I was also able to attend a few of the conference sessions and learn a bit about singing in schools, world music and songwriting. I'm still perfecting the lyrics for my 'Ode to an iPod plug'."