Described as the ultimate choir folder, every element of Black Cat Music’s Mastersinger choral folder has been designed with the convenience of the chorister in mind. Christine Bennett commenting on our Facebook page seems to agree.

Christine wrote, “When you sent me a sample a couple of years ago I didn't bother even trying it out, at first, because I thought it looked too fussy. Eventually, I thought I might as well give it a try... Then I realised that a lot of thought and experience has gone into the design. I bought one for myself, and recommended it to others, of whom at least one also bought one, and then several of us clubbed together (not much to pay for each of us) to buy one as a gift for a young singer about to start at college. I'm very pleased with mine.” Christine Bennett added, “I always try to give credit where it's due: I feel it gives me a better ground if ever I want to complain! ... Which I certainly haven't had to do so far.”

The Mastersinger choir folder incorporates an impressive number of useful features within its 254mm x 318mm concert black covers. Firstly it is crafted to last with custom stitching, brass corners and a metal reinforced hinge all contributing to durability. Then there are some neat features the choral singer will appreciate such as the hand strap which enables you to hold your folder comfortably with one hand and follow directions more easily. Or the inner cross-strap to keep the folder open at just the right angle and prevent music sliding out. And while you are ordering your Mastersinger folder, why not add a final personal touch by adding gold-blocking of your choir’s name or logo. Take a look at our video. to see for yourself.

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