Black Cat Music can offer a range of instrument storage solutions designed by Wenger. There are some very strong arguments in favour of investing in a professional storage solution – protection against accidental damage and theft of expensive expensive instruments for a start. But smart use of space can be even more critical should poorly stored instruments block fire exits. Alarmingly, this is exactly what Wenger discovered on a visit to a prestigious international school.

Wenger’s Nancy Wagner takes up the story. “Instead of using a Wenger fixed cabinet for violins – or even one of our mobile storage racks – the school chose instead to use regular wooden bookcases. The bookcases were not bolted to the wall (making for a potentially hazardous situation) and blocked the window of the classroom. The bookcases are not designed for violins, making the overall utilization of the space very poor. In fact, there were some violins left off the shelves and the instruments spilled out into the hallway. There was no room for storage inside the classroom, and yet, the Facilities Manager told me the school was in violation of the fire code as the hallway, where the bookcase/violin storage was located, was blocked.”

When visiting customers, we are often asked to provide consultation for instrument storage. Our storage cabinets are available in “fit for purpose” sizes (no need to guess how big a violin really is!). When a renovation or new school construction is imminent, the Wenger Planning Guides can guide school administrators to the realization that instrument storage is a key issue and the school needs to plan ahead.

Nancy continued, “Storage cabinets of course are an investment for schools, but in this instance, where locally provided bookshelves are not bolted to the wall and potentially may block students from a quick escape during a fire - what is the payback for investment in student safety and instrument storage security?”

Black Cat Music can offer expert advice on instrument storage, to determine the best use of space and make proposals for the most effective layout.

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