During the summer break, Black Cat Music’s contracting team installed six sets of instrument storage cabinets at Bournville School.

Black Cat Music advised the school on the most suitable layout for the cabinets, paying due regard to a health and safety concern to avoid the potential to obstruct a thoroughfare across the back of the stage. As the stage is used for a multitude of purposes, sometimes even having a trampoline on it, it was important not to obstruct walkways. Following an on-site review, recommendations to reposition the cabinets from the original plan were accepted. This then allowed Black Cat’s installation team to turn some of the cabinets round and site them back to back with doors opening in line, rather than across the walkway, and the remaining cabinets positioned at the side of the stage. Another example, not only of the flexibility of Black Cat’s products, but also of the ability of installation staff in dealing with problems on-site!