Responding to a request from the school’s Creative Arts Administrator, who asked, “We’ve just built a new performing arts centre, and the opening night of the first production – a panto – is imminent. It would be amazing to have the new chairs in the pit!” A speedy delivery of 45 Encore Chairs, 8 Encore Cello Chairs and 10 Encore Adjustable Stools and the orchestra were all set for the big day. And the verdict? “The players love the chairs, especially the cellists.”

 Ibstock Place School is described as “an independent co-educational day school for pupils aged 4 to 18, providing a rich variety of opportunity in a friendly, supportive atmosphere with a strong family ethos.” By investing in the   Encore Chairs from Black Cat Music the school has recognized the benefit of the importance of good posture to musicians. Standard chairs let the musician slouch, allowing the spine to be forced out of its natural supportive position. This lowers the rib cage and constricts the diaphragm, reducing airflow. Encore chairs are designed to maintain the correct posture.

Informed musicians are aware that good posture is essential to minimise health problems and that playing wind, string or percussion instruments can lead to repetitive strain injuries. For players of wind instruments, a good posture, opens up the chest cavity allowing for good breathing. There are differences, sometimes significantly different, between sitting and standing postures. Musicians who have learned to play in one position may find it difficult to play in the other so both postures need to be exercised in order to strengthen the necessary muscles.

Black Cat Music’s Encore Chairs are designed to put students and musicians in the best possible position to promote easier breathing and a more natural range of motion while decreasing fatigue and discomfort.