The Granville School has a rich heritage of performing arts and offers a varied and extensive programme of Drama and Music.

“To compliment our equipment I was looking for innovative, well-priced, flexible options,” Kate Brown, Speech and Drama at The Granville School explained, “and was delighted to come across the Wenger Flipform sold by Black Cat Music. Comprehensive pictures, dimensions and price details were on their web site and I was invited to visit the Black Cat Music showroom outside Tunbridge Wells. Being able to see the Flipform in its different positions, feel the weight of it and the ease with which it moves on wheels confirmed that it was the right equipment for The Granville.”

Flipform is designed to turn classrooms into exciting educational environments. They flip into whatever shape is called for and go wherever needed. Manufactured from moulded, high-density polyethylene making them virtually indestructible, Flipforms are available with a choice of blue, red, yellow, green or grey top with a grey base, or black top with a black base.

Kate Brown continued, “Black Cat Music also recommended a set of three stage boxes of various sizes that make valued additions to the Flipforms. These pieces are used at The Granville School constantly, in many different contexts both in the classroom and on stage. The variety of levels and shapes it is possible to configure offers all the creative flexibility required to meet our performance and teaching needs and, most importantly, the children love using them.”