Already a top seller, the popular Classic 50 Music Stand does not compromise on a design that is tough enough to handle the hardships of regular classroom use. Thanks to a formula of advanced polymers offering inherent tensile strength, it will not bend or dent like metal stands - a design that also makes it quiet and rattle-free during performances. And the scratch resistant desk surface also incorporates a unique recess for keeping pencils in place.

It might only be a music stand but the Classic 50 is feature-rich.
• Rounded edges for safe and comfortable handling
• Scratch-resistant, elegant concert black finish
• 340mm x 510mm desk – large enough for orchestral scores
• Recessed ledge that stops pencils interfering with turning music
• Desk rotates full circle and tilts up to half circle
• Tough – almost unbreakable
• Bolt-through desk attachment holds tight and secure – Always!
• Adjustable for desk stiffness.
• Quiet patented Teflon coated slider
• Quiet patented Teflon coated slider means no fiddly knobs and screws
• A virtually unbreakable tripod base with shaped feet to avoid damage to the floor

And when the performance, rehearsal or class is over, stands can be stacked on the easy to load Move & Store Cart for transport and convenient, compact storage.