When Isobel Liebmann, Principal of Havering Music noticed the Classic 50 in the Black Cat Music catalogue, she realized this could be the answer to a problem the school had been experiencing with music stands.

Isobel Liebmann explained, “We were disillusioned with the fold up metal stands which seemed to break, collapse and need replacing regularly. We also found they disappeared! We were looking for something sturdy, easy to use, but not easy to lose”. Thanks to the catalogue which she described as “clear with photographs that gave a good representation of the size and style of the stands,” a batch of Classic 50s were soon on their way to Havering.

Asked how the school was getting on with the Classic 50s, she said, “We were talking about this the other day and came to the conclusion that they are probably the best investment we ever made. They have lived up to our expectations in every way - they are easy to move up and down, child friendly, stable and durable - and the bonus is that our banners sit on them beautifully without causing them to topple. The trolleys are also excellent; they store ten stands neatly and are very easy to wheel around with a full load - good for transporting on the van when we take equipment out to concert venues. We have only had one breakage in over ten years and when we reported this, we were sent a replacement top for the stand within days”.

Not only are Havering Music School delighted with their Classic 50 stands, but thanks to their recommendation other schools are now also equipped with the popular Classic 50 Music Stands. Tough enough to handle the hardships of regular classroom use thanks to a formula of advanced polymers offering inherent tensile strength that will not bend or dent like metal stands, the Classic 50 is elegantly designed to be quiet and rattle-free during performances. The scratch resistant desk surface also incorporates a unique recess for keeping pencils in place. The patented one-hand height adjustment of the music desk is simplicity itself, requiring no screw or locking collar adjustments. When the performance, rehearsal or class is over, stands can be stacked on the easy to load Move & Store Cart for transport and convenient, compact storage.