With a long summer Proms season until the famous ‘Last Night’ in September, it is not only a busy time for musicians and the ‘promenaders’ but can be tough on music stands as well. Unless that is they are Wenger Classic 50 and Roughneck stands from Black Cat Music.

Several sharp-eyed viewers of the televised ‘Proms’ have noticed the Classic 50 Music Stands at the Royal Albert Hall. A music stand tough enough to handle the hardships of regular use thanks to a formula of advanced polymers offering inherent tensile strength that will not bend or dent like metal stands. Its elegant design makes it quiet and rattle-free during performances. And the scratch resistant desk surface also incorporates a unique recess for keeping pencils in place. The patented one-hand height adjustment of the music desk is simplicity itself, requiring no screw or locking collar adjustments. Also in service at the Proms is the Roughneck, a rugged all-metal music stand which is designed for general practice and performance. With its welded base, the Roughneck music stand always stands straight, won't lean or wobble and will never need tightening. Evidence shows the Roughneck is a great investment – a music stand that will last and last.