Tonbridge School recently installed Wenger’s new Edge Storage System, supplied by Black Cat Music.

Storage can be a problem with instruments being in a variety of shape and sizes, some delicate, some cumbersome, all needing a dedicated space where they can be stored neatly, safely and securely. Black Cat Music has been providing instrument, costume and sheet music storage solutions for years - both custom-built, and from the well-respected and trusted Wenger range. With budgets under pressure everywhere the Edge™ Storage System has been developed as an economical product, but without compromising quality or durability and is supported by Wenger’s ten-year warranty. It is also eco-friendly being constructed from fewer materials, and includes an FSC wood option amongst the choice of styles.

This flush-to-wall instrument storage system cuts down on the amount of material used, as does the open back concept between the unit and the wall behind it. These design elements help to make cost savings, while maintaining the long-lasting quality and elegance for which Wenger products are renowned - hence the ten-year warranty. The system can be custom-designed to accommodate the number and size of instruments required by the school; it can also be designed to store costumes, theatre props or sheet music.

Doors are available with the option of wood or grille fronts. Either way they are pretty tough. Experience has shown that students have a tendency to hang on locker doors, so doors are load-tested with more than 300 lb (136 kg) of pressure on the outer edge. It is also the case that easy theft is the most likely theft, and to prevent that the patented lock-bar is 12-gauge steel, the strike plate heavy-duty, and locks tamper-resistant.