Black Cat Music will present a paper at the Music Education Expo 2014 conference at London’s Barbican venue on 7th February. Black Cat Music and partner company are proud to be Platinum Sponsors of Music Education Expo 2014.

The conference paper – Four important considerations in planning a music suite – takes place at 2.15pm in Seminar Theatre 2 on Friday 7th February and will be presented by Mark Rasmussen and Martin Loft of Black Cat Music When it comes to planning facilities for music education there are some important differences to consider compared to the needs required for teaching other subjects. Because of the number of music students and the physical nature of music education, music activities require more space, greater flexibility, and more fresh air than other classrooms. Planning the spaces and equipment requirements is critical to a successful outcome.

Delegates' tickets for the Music Education Expo are free if you register in advance - just visit just visit this link to register for your free entry.