When Alleyn’s School was looking for staging equipment for their new music facility, they turned to Black Cat Music for a Wenger Versalite stage.

The Versalite stage is an advanced, ultra-flexible system that can be configured as a multilevel stage or seated riser. Versalite is an ‘all-in-one system’ that offers strength, durability, and ease of set-up. The heavy-duty construction comprises decks constructed of solid 19mm exterior-grade plywood with a durable phenolic surface that won't curl or peel, which, as an added safety feature, helps prevent tripping. Alleyn's School chose 16 platforms in 4 different sizes plus closure panels for the front, all of which fit together to form a new 8.52m x 4.26m stage to hold the school’s Steinway piano and provide a platform for music and drama performances.

Alleyn's School is an independent co-educational day school situated in Dulwich, south east London, that can trace its theatrical and musical connections back to the original foundation by Edward Alleyn, a prosperous Elizabethan actor manager whose Rose and Fortune Theatres rivalled Shakespeare's Globe.

Tim Kermode, Director of Music at Alleyn’s School, expressed his thanks to Black Cat Music for planning and installation assistance and said, ‘we very much look forward to using the new staging next term.’