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Music Stands & Accessories

Black Cat Music offers a wide range of sheet music stands with the comfort and convenience of the musician in mind, as well as a wide range music stand accessories such as stand lights, storage bags and storage carts.

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  1. SPECIAL OFFER: 20 x Classic 50 Music Stands with Large Move & Store Cart

    SPECIAL OFFER: 20 x Classic 50 Music Stands with Large Move & Store Cart

    Product code: SEPTEMBEROFFER2019

    Special Offer: 15% Discount on 20 x Classic 50 Music Stands Move with a Large Move & Store Cart. Sturdy, elegant & light, easy to assemble, without complicated buttons or screws, the Classic 50 music stand from Wenger is scratch-resistant and virtually unbreakable. The Move & Store Cart provides easy, stable transport of all your music stands and convenient compact storage. Up to 20 Classic 50 music stands can be transported and stored on the large cart.

    Regular Price: £1,523.77 + VAT

    Special Price: £1,295.20 + VAT

  2. Classic 50 Music Stand

    Classic 50 Music Stand

    Product code: 039E500

    The Classic 50 Music Stand is a wobble-free, elegant and lightweight stand with no fiddly knobs or screws. The Classic 50 is our top-selling music stand.

    Price: £55.54 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £47.21 + VAT

  3. Roughneck Music Stand

    Roughneck Music Stand

    Product code: 038A001

    This rugged all-metal music stand is designed for general practice and performance. With its welded base, the Roughneck Music stand always stands straight, won't lean or wobble and will never need tightening. A great investment that will last and last!

    Price: £67.60 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £56.94 + VAT

  4. Universal Tablet Stand

    Universal Tablet Stand

    Product code: 040A149

    Use almost any smartphone or tablet as your music stand, with or without a case from 5" to 13.3" (13-34 cm).

    Price: £118.08 + VAT

  5. Bravo Music Stand

    Bravo Music Stand

    Product code: 1020000

    The Bravo music stand is the premier heavy-duty stand for concerts and rehearsals. More than just elegant, these music stands are nearly indestructable and will look great for years! Heavy-duty design won't chip or scratch. Call the sales team on 0800 072 7799 to find out more.

    Price: £86.26 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £73.32 + VAT

  6. Hands-Free Page Turner

    Hands-Free Page Turner

    Product code: 040A142s

    A wireless, hands-free method for turning the music pages on your tablet or computer - compatible with the Universal Tablet Stand.

    Price: £178.56 + VAT

  7. Move and Store Cart - Small

    Move and Store Cart - Small

    Product code: 039B201

    Move music stands from rehearsal room to performance stand and back again with ease.

    Price: £399.91 + VAT

  8. Move and Store Cart - Large

    Move and Store Cart - Large

    Product code: 039B202

    Easy transport and storage for all your music stands. Holds up to 22 stands.

    Price: £471.37 + VAT

  9. Acoustic Shield

    Acoustic Shield

    Product code: 143E102

    This acoustic shield protects musicians' ears by effectively reducing potentially damaging sound energy. Clear polycarbonate that blends into its surroundings and folds compactly with a built-in carrying handle.

    Price: £384.48 + VAT

  10. Gig Music Stand

    Gig Music Stand

    Product code: 143E001

    The reliable, flexible, stable travelling music stand! The Gig Music Stand is supported by a broad, three-legged base to keep it stable and has a built-in handle for easy transport when out on the road.

    Price: £248.40 + VAT

  11. Flex Conductor's Stand

    Flex Conductor's Stand

    Product code: 236A002

    The Flex Conductor's Stand is large enough to accommodate orchestral scores and is easily adjustable in height, angle and position - supremely versatile and ergonomically designed.

    Price: £812.70 + VAT

  12. Preface Conductor's Stand

    Preface Conductor's Stand

    Product code: 238A001

    This elegant conductor's stand features an ample desk, a sleek, non-scratch black surface, and dual posts offering superb stability and strength. A well-designed and durable conductor's stand at an affordable price.

    Price: £239.40 + VAT

12 Item(s)

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