Wenger Music Posture Chairs , marketed in the UK and throughout Europe by Black Cat Music, are designed to seat musicians in the best possible position to promote easier breathing and a more natural range of motion while decreasing fatigue and discomfort. Major Gill Stacey of The Salvation Army in Chester was happy to comment on their experience with recently purchased Musicians’ Chairs. “Our Wenger Musician chairs we ordered from Black Cat Music have been an excellent purchase.” Said Gill.

Gill Stacey went on to say, “Our old chairs were quite new and they are comfortable but since we tried the Wenger Musician chair we have discovered what a good chair is really like. They give excellent back support and our posture has improved because they allow you to sit up properly yet at the same time being able to relax and be comfortable. Our band often remain seated for most of our service and they can now do so in comfort. We would recommend them to any music group.”

Gill continued, “It is true that the outlay may be higher than other chairs but as they say, "you get what you pay for" and we are certainly glad that we paid that little bit more to have the right chair. Another advantage is the music rack on the side of the chair, which keeps all music, Bible and songbook at easy reach, as well as stops the books from being a hazard. Finally the weight of the chair is good because they are easy to move.”

Wenger orchestra chairs have been carefully designed to solve four main problems experienced with standard chairs. Sitting back in standard chairs, forces the spine out of its natural supportive position. Because it is easy to slouch the body is forced down, lowering the rib cage and constricting the diaphragm. The discomfort and lack of support causes musicians to move to the edge of the seat reducing support even more, leading to fatigue and making it difficult to focus on technique and performance. Thanks to their ergonomic and innovative design Wenger music posture chairs encourage correct posture and maintain comfort throughout long performances and rehearsals.

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