Musicians should be aware that good posture is essential to minimise health problems and that playing wind, string or percussion instruments can lead to repetitive strain injuries. This human interaction can benefit greatly from an understanding of ergonomics and application of the insights revealed applied to the design of equipment and instruments and how they are used. For players of wind instruments holding a good posture, with the instrument properly held, opens up the chest cavity allowing for good breathing. There are differences, sometimes significantly different, between sitting and standing postures. Musicians who have learned to play in one position may find it difficult to play in the other so both postures need to be exercised in order to strengthen the necessary muscles.

Repetitive Stress Injuries - tendonitis, bursitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain and Calluses - are risks for musicians who play for any length of time, whether professionally or for pleasure. Many musicians are likely to suffer from some level of repetitive stress at sometime since playing and practising music calls for repetitive motion. To counteract it you need to know what causes repetitive stress injuries and ensure that you warm up properly, stretch before and after playing, take breaks and generally keep fit.

Standard chairs let the musician slouch, allowing the spine to be forced out of its natural supportive position. This lowers the rib cage and constricts the diaphragm, reducing airflow. Wenger Music Posture Chair design redefined what a music chair should be by providing the seated musician with the same strong, natural posture as if they were standing. Nota takes that concept to the next level, providing rear and forward seating positions that allow musicians to sit in the manner that best suits their style and instrument. Both the Premier and Standard models also feature a narrow convex back that provides lumbar support while still allowing freedom and range of movement, and a rounded waterfall front that provides better circulation and comfort for a wider range of body sizes. Nota popularity is growing fast because there’s no other chair like it and it’s built to work and look great for the long run.