New to the Black Cat Music catalogue of musician’s chairs is the ergonomically designed Tempo chair.

Designed with musicians in mind, it enables correct lumbar support to encourage good posture, enabling musicians to remain comfortable even after hours of playing. The lumbar support in the middle of the back also encourages full and unrestricted breathing by creating the conditions necessary for proper posture, that in turn promotes maximum opening of airways: a feature that wind players will appreciate. The black finish powder-coated tubular steel frame supports a flat upholstered seat, permitting a range of positions and angles in relation to the back, while the waterfall front section of the seat prevents restriction of blood supply in the lower legs.

Mechanical adjustments for seat height from 39cm to 52cm in both front and back pairs of legs allow selective adjustment in the length of the legs. Alternatively, each pair of legs can be adjusted individually, enabling varying degrees of seat tilt, which can be achieved quickly and quietly without putting the instrument down. Orientation of the legs permits a series of six chairs to be stacked one above the other. A trolley is also available for transport and storage.