During March Black Cat Music is offering an additional 5% discount on the top selling Mighty Bright Duet 2 music stand lights. Dual LEDs provide smooth illumination across two sheets of music and the good news is these light bulbs never need replacement. Cool to touch and battery powered with no trailing wires, they are very safe to use.

Utilising two fully adjustable LED head units, the Duet 2 can evenly light two pages of music thanks to optical grade lenses that avoid any hot spots. The new Duet 2 is twice as bright as the previous model and offers four selectable light levels. Sensor switch operation allows, one, or both LEDs to be turned on with just a gentle tap. An extra strong clip attaches the Duet 2 to any music stand and with two flexible arms, the lighting heads can be fully adjusted as required, or bent to a compact position for ease of storage.

Three AAA size batteries offer up to 20 hours continuous operation. Alternatively an optional AC adaptor additionally allows a series of Duet 2 units to be connected together for lighting control for band or orchestral users.

Full details of this offer are published on the Black Cat Music web site.