When the Wenger UltraStor instrument storage cabinets were delivered to the Blyth Centre for Music and Visual Arts at Imperial College, London everything just clicked into place.

Administrator for the Blyth Centre for Music and Visual Arts, Mary Bowe praised the Black Music team saying, “John and Dean did a great job, it ran like a military operation and thank you very much for all your help in getting our order to us today.”

Imperial College offers a rich selection of music options for student and staff alike, whether an orchestral violinist or a jazz drummer, an experienced singer wanting to join a choir or a guitarist wanting to start a band, or maybe someone who just wants to enjoy listening to other people making great music. With five orchestras, four choirs, a string ensemble, a wind band, two jazz big bands and a musical theatre society at Imperial, as well as many smaller ensembles, no wonder efficient instrument storage is important!

The Wenger UltraStor instrument storage cabinets enjoy the benefit of patented polyethylene shelves and are described as the best-built, most-reliable storage cabinets available. Heavy-duty hardware and top-quality doors further ensure reliable day-to-day operation and unparalleled durability. Available in a range of sizes, colours and styles, including different door types for different applications, cabinets are modular so can be re-arranged and added to as required.