An expanded and improved range of Legacy Acoustical Shells has been lined up for a 2011 introduction by Black Cat Music. Bringing more powerful and clear sound quality, Legacy Acoustical Shells are easy to set up to transform the acoustics of many types of performance space.

Wenger are pioneers of acoustical shell design, that uses a honeycomb core panel construction to deliver enhanced acoustics to both the ensemble and the audience. The latest technology developments from Wenger Corporation – Basic, Classic and Select Legacy - are presented as three attractive effective acoustical shell options designed to fit a range of applications and budgets. Whether converting a multi-purpose hall space or improving the acoustics of a smaller auditorium or recital room, Basic Legacy Shells can be set up by one person in four simple stages. The shell is first rolled into place, the snap-in pins adjusted for the desired canopy angle and the canopy lifted to the preset angle for optimum sound projection. A mechanism with an easy-to-turn handle allows the shell to be raised to the appropriate height for the requirements of the performance in just 6 turns. When not in use shells can quickly be folded away aided by a continuous hinge arrangement and nested together for compact storage.

Delighted user of Legacy Shells, Cydney Dixon, Band Director of Lower Lake High School, California said, "I cannot believe the difference in sound when the Legacy shell is up. Our gym has very good acoustics, but I can clearly tell whether or not the shell is up. The Legacy shells are very easy to work with – my kids and I can easily handle them. "

Full specification and purchase information can be accessed from the Black Cat Music web site or requested from Black Cat Music by calling 01892 619719.