Introducing the new Wenger multi-use shield

Wenger multi-use shield for musicians and music students

Wenger has introduced an exciting new product to its range.

The Wenger multi-use shield is a portable, clear, polycarbonate divider that adds a physical barrier between students in your rehearsal room – or anywhere you need it.

Wenger’s new multipurpose, freestanding, transparent shield is designed on the base of our most popular music stand, and can be adjusted in height and angle to create a barrier between students. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to use anywhere you need it.

Like all Wenger products, the multi-use shield is extremely sturdy, wobble-free, user-friendly and comes with a full 5 year warranty.

When distancing measures are no longer required, the Multi-Use Stand converts to a Wenger Preface or Classic 50 Music Stand with the purchase of a new desk.

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