When Havering Sixth Form College relocated their Wenger Modular Practice Room during the summer holidays, Black Cat Acoustics were called in to manage and implement the move.

Although it had been installed and in regular use for several years the Wenger Modular Practice Room was found to be in good condition. The Black Cat Acoustics team carefully dismantled the room and re-installed it in a new building. Being a self-contained structure designed with the possibility of relocation in mind, this only required wiring of the control panel to activate ventilation, lighting and electrical sockets within the room.

The Wenger Modular Practice Room is sound isolated, allowing musical lessons to be held without disturbing neighbouring classes. The rooms are available in different size options, from individual use up to a size sufficient to accommodate 15 performers. Complete with integral lighting and wiring installed to maintain the sound isolation integrity and ventilation providing a complete air change every two minutes, the rooms are truly self-contained.