Taking a closer look at the Flex Conductor’s System ….

Enhance your personal style

Your conducting style is personal, so you would expect your stand to reflect that. With the Flex stand, you have many options so your equipment won't interfere with your conducting. The dual-lock desk can be positioned with the desk lip toward or away from the conductor, while height can be adjusted without putting your foot on the base for easy adjustment when on the podium.

Stay organized

The better organized you are, the better the rehearsal and with the Flex Conductor's System, you can keep all your teaching and conducting tools within easy reach. Optional baskets keep additional scores and materials within easy reach, or add TechBridge and optional accessories mounts to customize for your particular needs.

Look as good as you sound

As the conductor, you're the focal point for your ensemble and for your audience and thanks to its contemporary styling, the Flex Stand enhances that professional look.

Easy mobility

As a conductor, your stand has to be more substantial, but you also want to be able to take it with you. With the Flex Stand, that's not a problem as its wheeled base allows easy transport from one venue to another.

Introducing Flex TechBridge for flexible configuration

No two rehearsal rooms as the same, which is why Flex TechBridge is so adaptable to your space and needs. Configurable in length, it can accept a variety of accessory mounts and be used alone or in combination with Flex Conductor's Stand. Height is adjustable for use with podiums. And if you want to incorporate a Keyboard Mount, an iPad Mount or Laptop Mount – or even create your own accessories with Bridge Clips – then Flex TechBridge has the answers.