Wenger continues to roll out the benefits and comfort associated with their popular range of Nota Chairs, with the important addition of a commanding new Conductor’s Chair. Available shortly from Black Cat Music, master distributor of Wenger products, the Nota Conductor’s Chair places conductors in a great position to direct and with full support for the half-seated position it also offers a good seating solution for String Bassists and Percussionists.

Thanks to the chair’s adjustable design there is flexibility to find an ideal position to suit individual users. Dr. Dylan Chmura-Moore, Professor of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh said, “I loved it from the first moment I sat in it. With other chairs I have to adapt to fit the chair, but this chair fit me. It definitely provided flexibility and support without any cumbersome limitations to body movement. Your legs can move, your upper body can swivel or sway. I felt more connected to my feet and core muscle groups, which supports proper breathing and better music-making. The cantilever design also gives a lot more room for my legs.”

Ideal for use by Conductors, String Bassists, Percussionists, or anyone needing a taller chair, the new Nota Conductor’s Chair is packed with features and offers a whole scope of adjustments. With seat and back contoured for added comfort and support, seat height adjusts by means of a pressurised gas cylinder from 26" to 351/2" (60 to 90 cm). Seat tilt can be adjusted from +4ºto -18º at the point of use. Back height is adjustable within a 41/2" (11 cm) range and back depth within a 5” (13 cm) range by modifying the back angle which can be adjusted from +4º to -18º at the point of use. Foot rest height is adjustable too, from 9" to 16" (23 to 41 cm) and is independent from the seat height. Seat and back have a 90º swivel range. 45º left and right of center and can be locked at any point along the 90º range at the point of use.

As might be expected for a Wenger product, construction is of the highest quality. The Nota Standard Conductor’s Chair has polyurethane foam seat and back in black and the Nota Premier Conductor’s Chair is padded and upholstered with Olefin fabric in choice of black or grey. Chair posts are constructed of heavy-duty 16-gauge steel with black powder-coat paint finish, the inner post is of extruded aluminum alloy and base made of tough fiberglass reinforced material in black. The chair sits on 5 heavy-duty glides providing maximum stability. It all adds up to an important and exciting addition to the range of posture seating for musicians available from Black Cat Music.