Janet Parr has plenty of hands-on experience with the Wenger Classic 50 music stands from Black Cat Music, so we asked how they measured up against other stands on the market.

“Why buy any other music stand other than the Classic 50 ?“ Janet asked, “They are indestructible as far as I see!“ She went on to explain why. “We have had them at Colchester Institute for a number of years, amongst other stands, and only the Black Cat stands are as good as new. All the others have broken or lost screws, suffer from rust problems, are bent so you can't change the height without suffering from RSI, or have so many bits missing they no longer have any use as a music stand. The Black Cat stand however stills changes height and keeps it, still tips ready to be a conductor’s stand and looks as good as new.”

Janet Parr continued, “The Essex Youth Orchestra caught onto the idea and now have their own set! I'm not sure how long they've had them, but they get taken on foreign tours each year, are used in frequent rehearsals and concerts and they all still work! Of course I have my own Black Cat stand which seems to disappear when my husband needs a conductor’s stand and I'm left with a substandard model which has great big holes in the music rest part. Who would design a stand that has holes in it! When you use a pencil to write on the music it goes straight through puncturing your music and when the sun shines, it shines through the music so you can't read it! Give me back my Black Cat which passes both these tests perfectly.I honestly think there isn't a stand to beat it.”