Music Chairs

Of the many factors that affect a musician’s performance, seating and posture are of the most important to consider.

Whether you play a woodwind, string or brass instrument, your seating needs to support your posture to ensure perfect control of your instrument, comfortable breathing, protecting against back pain and fatigue, and promoting good circulation.

Our range of Wenger Music Posture chairs are designed to support students and musicians in the position best suited to their instrument, allowing the best range of natural movement, easy breathing and protection against fatigue and discomfort. These musicians chairs are comfortable, supportive and most importantly portable so that they can be brought with you to other locations; after all it is important to look after your body when performing anywhere, not just in a rehearsal room.

We also have a range of Music Stools. For more information about any of our musician chairs and other related products, please Contact Us or give us a call on 01892 619719.

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3 Items