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Music Chairs & Accessories

Black Cat Music offers a wide range of music chairs, music stools, chair storage carts and accessories. We offer high-quality chairs that encourage good posture and long-term comfort.

For more information about any of our chairs, stools and other products, please Contact Us or give us a call on 01892 619719.

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  1. Encore Chair

    Encore Chair

    Product code: MCEN11
    Black Cat Music

    A well-researched and developed chair offering comfort and support to the musician. With its curved 'waterfall' edge and slender back, musicians sustain a more upright and poised position.

    Price: £109.28 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £98.18 + VAT

  2. Student Chair

    Student Chair

    Product code: 0930000

    No other chair matches the Student for quality, durability and reliability. Available in a range of colours and heights, the Student Music Chair is also virtually unbreakable and prevents students from slouching.

    Price: £118.80 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £81.00 + VAT

  3. Encore Cello Chair

    Encore Cello Chair

    Product code: MCENCEL
    Black Cat Music

    Specially designed for cellists, the Encore Cello Chair offers a fully cushioned seat and back and extra forward tilt.

    Price: £158.76 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £150.51 + VAT

  4. Cellist Chair

    Cellist Chair

    Product code: 0940000

    Specially designed music posture chair for cellists. Fully cushioned seat and back for long-lasting comfort with posture and stability in mind.

    Price: £426.06 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £419.58 + VAT

  5. Musician Chair

    Musician Chair

    Product code: 0920000

    Designed with extra padding for extra comfort and perfect posture. Suitable for professional or Higher Education environments and available in 6 colours and 3 seat-to-floor heights.

    Price: £302.40 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £263.25 + VAT

  6. Nota conBRIO Chair

    Nota conBRIO Chair

    Product code: 0350000

    This Wenger music posture chair boasts an innovative new design that allows the chair to respond to the movement of the musician. The result: more dynamic play, improved blood flow, and more focussed attention. The music chair design is based on years of customer research and consultation with medical experts.

    Price: £151.20 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £132.30 + VAT

  7. Symphony Chair

    Symphony Chair

    Product code: 0970000

    A professional music posture chair offering total support, contoured cushioning and classic elegant black styling. Designed to accommodate string and wind instrument players.

    Price: £733.86 + VAT
    Quantity prices from: £669.06 + VAT

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