Music Chairs & Accessories

Music Chairs & Accessories

Black Cat Music offers a wide range of music chairs, music stools, chair storage carts and accessories. We offer high-quality chairs that encourage good posture and long-term comfort.

For more information about any of our chairs, stools and other products, please Contact Us or give us a call on 01892 619719.

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  • Maestro Conductor's Chair

    Maestro Conductor's Chair
    Price £975.00 + VAT

    The Maestro Conductor's Chairs are elevated music chairs that you can adjust according to your own requirements, giving the conductor more control and better visibility for the orchestra.

  • Soloist Chair

    Soloist Chair
    Price £447.43 + VAT

    Ergonomically shaped and adjustable, the Soloist music chair is the professional's choice and the generously upholstered seat ensures long-term comfort of every musician from violinists to percussionists.

  • Move and Store Cart For Soloist Chairs

    Move and Store Cart For Soloist Chairs
    Price £378.57 + VAT

    Neatly stores up to 8 Soloist Chairs for smooth, safe transport.

3 Items