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Conductors Equipment

Our Wenger conductor's stand, conductor's podium and conductor's chair are all built with heavy-duty construction and unwavering stability.

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  1. Heavy Duty Piano Dolly

    Heavy Duty Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106102

    The recommended way to move pianos from room to room without causing damage.

    Price: £487.35 + VAT

  2. Digital Piano Castors

    Digital Piano Castors

    Product code: DPC01

    Heavy Duty Piano Casters which are designed to fit a wide range of digital 'upright' pianos.

    Price: £197.35 + VAT

  3. Standard Piano Dolly

    Standard Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106101

    The safest way to move pianos around quickly and easily.

    Price: £238.95 + VAT

  4. Grand Piano Truck 1

    Grand Piano Truck 1

    Product code: 1106201

    Move your grand piano safely without causing damage to the piano legs or to the people moving it.

    Price: £943.65 + VAT

  5. Grand Piano Truck 2

    Grand Piano Truck 2

    Product code: 1106202

    The only way to move grand pianos is to use a specially designed truck which will avoid causing damage to your piano.

    Price: £988.20 + VAT

  6. Digital Piano Dolly

    Digital Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106301

    Heavy duty movers shaped to fit any digital 'upright' piano.

    Price: £487.35 + VAT

  7. Spinet Piano Truck

    Spinet Piano Truck

    Product code: 1106204

    Designed to give complete protection and support to the piano legs, without strain, as the piano is rolled about

    Price: £919.35 + VAT

7 Item(s)

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