Goodear Acoustic Shield now available with Wenger Bravo Music Stand Base


The Goodear Acoustic Shield is now available to purchase from Black Cat Music together with the Wenger Bravo Music Stand base.

Exposure to excessive noise levels can cause permanent and irreparable hearing damage. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) can be life-changing and can limit your career as a musician. The Goodear Acoustic Shield* offers for orchestras the protection they need:


- A 25mm plastic socket on the underside of the shield with a toggle screw allows the shield to be mounted on most microphone and music stand posts.

- Lightweight plywood core encased in a double layer of closed cell EVA foam.

- Can reduce noise by up to 84% when used as recommended.

- Does not adversely affect the hearing of musicians adjacent or behind it (as acrylic shields can.)

- Does not affect the ability of users to hear what they are playing or what those around them are playing (as earplugs can).

- Tested and certified NAL (National Acoustic Laboratories) and MHS (Musicians' Hearing Services). Lab reports available on request.

- Total weight of headpiece without stand 1700g

- Dimensions - smallest volume: width x height x depth - 585 x 245 x 285mm

- Thickness - 55mm

The Goodear Acoustic Shield fits perfectly to the Wenger Bravo Music Stand base:

- The Wenger Bravo music stand base is the premier heavy-duty stand base for professional orchestras.

- Height adjustment moves up and down with a single smooth motion

- Height adjustable from 61cm to 116cm

The Goodear Acoustic Shield can be purchased together with the Bravo Music Stand for the fantastic bundle price of £231.45 + VAT:

For more information, just call the Black Cat team on 01892 619719 (or email