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Music Instrument Storage

Our Wenger instrument storage cabinets are the best-built, most reliable storage cabinets available. Heavy-duty hardware and top-quality doors, together with Wenger's patented polyethylene shelves, ensure reliable day-to-day operation and unparalleled durability when you buy Wenger storage cabinets.

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  1. 3-Tier Violin/Viola Rack

    3-Tier Violin/Viola Rack

    Product code: VVTT02
    Black Cat Music

    Solid, space-saving protection for your most fragile instruments, stores violins and violas in their cases.

    Price: £1,180.00 + VAT

  2. Guitar Rack

    Guitar Rack

    Product code: 148J006

    Wenger mobile guitar storage rack.

    Price: £1,151.96 + VAT

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