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Piano Accessories

Black Cat supplies Wenger piano dollies and piano trucks to help you safely transport your piano from room to room. All our piano dollies and piano trucks benefit from Wenger’s superb quality manufacture, and incorporate smooth-rolling wheels or casters into their sturdy and hard-wearing design.

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  1. Heavy Duty Piano Dolly

    Heavy Duty Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106102

    The recommended way to move pianos from room to room without causing damage.

    Price: £501.97 + VAT

  2. Digital Piano Castors

    Digital Piano Castors

    Product code: DPC01

    Heavy Duty Piano Casters which are designed to fit a wide range of digital 'upright' pianos.

    Price: £197.35 + VAT

  3. Standard Piano Dolly

    Standard Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106101

    The safest way to move pianos around quickly and easily.

    Price: £246.12 + VAT

  4. Grand Piano Truck 1

    Grand Piano Truck 1

    Product code: 1106201

    Move your grand piano safely without causing damage to the piano legs or to the people moving it.

    Price: £971.96 + VAT

  5. Grand Piano Truck 2

    Grand Piano Truck 2

    Product code: 1106202

    The only way to move grand pianos is to use a specially designed truck which will avoid causing damage to your piano.

    Price: £1,017.85 + VAT

  6. Digital Piano Dolly

    Digital Piano Dolly

    Product code: 1106301

    Heavy duty movers shaped to fit any digital 'upright' piano.

    Price: £501.97 + VAT

  7. Spinet Piano Truck

    Spinet Piano Truck

    Product code: 1106204

    Designed to give complete protection and support to the piano legs, without strain, as the piano is rolled about

    Price: £946.93 + VAT

7 Item(s)

per page

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